The ingredients we use are carefully selected and have a specific purpose. For example our essential oils have a well-defined function (regenerating, soothing, anti-inflammatory, etc.) and also offer a very pleasant olfactory and sensory experience.

We formulate our products ourselves and they are marketed only when we deem them satisfactory. They are natural and certified organic by Cosmecert according to the Cosmebio charter.

Respect for man and nature

Our brand uses natural and organic products that are vegan and not treated with chemical compounds.

We have chosen to set ourselves apart by only using products that have value and are safe for the end consumer.

Our packaging is thoughtful to limit the impact on the environment. The bottles we use are recyclable, can be used for another purpose and we avoid overpackaging in cardboard or cellophane.

Banning plastic entirely is still difficult. However, we are doing our best to offer the most environmentally friendly products possible and will improve our packaging as soon as we can.


At LXR MEN, we consider that when it comes to cosmetics, less is more! Our products have a simple composition, without petrochemical ingredients. For example, our beard oils are composed of a maximum of 6 essential natural ingredients.

Transparency and ethics

We are transparent about the composition, origin, provenance and manufacturing methods of our products.

Our production chain is short. Our producers are located in France and the working conditions are controlled.