The beginnings

After my studies at the Hotel School and several experiences in the hotel industry, I got tired of having to get up 30 minutes early to shave every morning and spend a fortune on razors and shaving cream. So I decided to keep my beautiful new beard.

However, long live the itchy hair and irritated skin!

The creams were not able to relieve these irritations. Not only they are difficult to spread but they were pulling on my hair from all sides!

So I tried a lot of different beard oils (expensive ones, cheap ones, really chemical ones and more or less natural ones). It wasn't easy to find a beard oil that didn't make my beard greasy or too shiny.

After several tries, I managed to create the oil that suits me. I used it for a few weeks and finally my beard started to change for the better! I thought I should improve my elixir and make enough of it to keep it on hand.

Over the next few years, I had my friends and family test our oils and then a barber and his customers. I was then encouraged to share my beard oils with you.

LXR MEN was born!


LXR MEN was born

At LXR MEN we are not fans of multinationals that use chemicals that have no business being on our skin. That's why our ingredients are selected with the utmost care, from natural ingredients and organic farming. Since 2020, we have been making our products available to you. That way, you too can have a healthy beard that feels incredible soft and moisturised, all with the benefits of the ingredients being organic, natural and most importantly a skin friendly product.

We wanted to use as little plastic as possible. As a result, our glass bottles are reusable and recyclable! There's no cellophane and cardboard packaging. Just a little label and a paper pendant with the ingredients clearly defined.

A simple beard oil!

Expanding the range

New products

We are working on new products that will be launched soon.

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