New - Oval Beard Brush

CHF 25.50

A small oval beard brush

Handcrafted in Germany, in walnut wood and of optimal quality, it is suitable for all types of beards and mustaches.
We have chosen a brush made with boar bristles that allow you to apply your oil, wax or balm on your beautiful beard and avoid static electricity that can make your beard swell.
Like our beard, boar bristles are composed of keratin and are therefore 100% natural. Your brush becomes an essential item for your morning routine. The advantage of using a beard brush with boar bristles rhymes with a durable brush and will allow you to keep it longer. Offers a very gentle brushing.

  • To smooth and thus limit that your beard intermingles while reducing its volume.
  • To apply evenly your beard oil, balm or wax.
  • Stimulates the sebaceous glands while allowing your hair to keep its flexibility.
  • Allows to mask the irregularities of your beard.


  • A beard or moustache brush should never be used on a wet beard. Dry it well before use.
  • Apply your LXR MEN beard oil, balm or wax.
  • Brush gently up and down in the direction of the hair: starting with the cheeks, then the length, sides and neck.
  • Finish with the mustache.


  • Using a comb or other brush, remove any hair, dirt or dust that may have gotten in the brush.
  • Do not soak your brush as this may damage the wood.
  • Run your brush lightly under warm water. With a little liquid soap, gently scrub your brush between the different bristles. Rinse under warm water and dry your brush.
  • Every month, impregnate your brush with a neutral oil (olive or other) to prolong the life of your wooden brush.

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Très belle qualité

Une très jolie brosse à barbe et de qualité supérieur! Très stylé!

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